About Genique


A native to Oklahoma and Author of Burning Stables , Genique Crowder is the owner and operator of Sporty Pupz and has been passionate about dogs her entire life. She is devoted to bringing smiles and joy to her consumers’ and pups’ faces by providing special and unique market of products. Sporty Pupz is a company that caterers towards the love and happiness of dogs. We retail merchandise in official sports apparel and accessories, safety and recreational products and all natural treats!

It is a recognized fact, that dogs can reduce anxiety, despondency, and stress for human beings. They provide loyalty, happiness and delight to countless lives throughout the world and only want love and affection in return. Sporty Pupz is passionate in dedicating time and commitment to the well-being, safety, and health of canines. Therefore, a portion of all proceeds will be given to several local animal facilities in the community.

About Miles


Hello Everyone! My name is Miles Davis Crowder and I am excited for you to check out all of our cool products for your doggies. I’m a big sports fan and always have fun cheering for my favorite teams while wearing my different jerseys and accessories.

We have a lot of cars in our neighborhood, so I always wear my LED collar when we go exploring. This helps drivers and bikers see me from a distance; I always feel safe and secure. I am too small, but my friends go hiking and hunting all the time and they bark about their cool backpacks they wear; they like to pack water, food, first aids and outdoor items when they go on doggie adventures.

I am now 13 years old and my stomach can be sensitive to certain foods and treats. My mom has a variety of treats that are all-natural, with no preservatives, and are very delicious for all dogs and ages. I get treats all the time because I am a good boy!

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